Benefits of the Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Want to How a Carpet & Rug Cleaning Service Is Done?

Experts use different types of techniques when handling dirty carpets and rugs. “How do they select the best method?”, you would ask. Their decision is based on the degree of your carpet soiling and its fiber type. When hiring a reliable carpet & rug cleaning service provider in North Las Vegas, NV, you have to know the advantages of those methods:

  • Carpet and rug shampooing. This is the most commonly-used technique that all specialists implement. In this procedure, very stable foam is distributed on the carpet. According to the its size, a professional will decide how much foam to use because if it is too much, your floor covering will become too wet and sticky. Using top-notch shampoos, the true professionals will amaze you with the results.
  • Carpet and rug dry cleaning. This technique is called “dry” cleaning because no water is used. A professional will cover your carpet with dry absorbent compound, containing detergent, water, and solvent. Afterwards, he will use a powerful machine with a brush to remove all the stains, grime, and dust. This method ensures almost instant cleanliness.
  • Carpet and rug bonnet cleaning. A cleaning product is mixed with carbonated water and applied over the rug’s surface. Then, equipment using a rotating buffer, called “bonnet,” is run over the soiled area. This procedure is used as a temporary solution between other more intensive cleanings.
  • Carpet and rug steam cleaning. This type of technique is called “hot water extraction”. It is widely-used by professionals, and it is recommended by almost all carpet manufacturers. This is the so called “deep cleaning” method. Here, hot water is boiled and sprinkled into your carpets under pressure, effectively removing dirt and all kinds of contaminants as well as bacteria and dust mites. However, your rugs need certain time to get dry.

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