Why Hiring Professional Upholstery Cleaners Is a Good Idea

5 Reasons to Book the Services of an Upholstery Cleaning Company

 Textile producers as well as furniture manufacturers recommend getting your upholstered furniture cleaned every 12 to 18 months under normal circumstances. The best time to get this done is right before dirt becomes visible on the surface, so if you have any kids or pets, or you have guests on a regular basis, make sure to book a professional upholstery cleaning contractor. The professionals will keep the signs of wear and tear under control. They will also bring you the following benefits:

 Upholstered furniture is hard to clean

The upholstery fabric is made by many man-made and natural fibers that all have their own cleaning requirements. However, most of the upholstery fabrics fall into one of eight categories that are also know as cleaning codes. It’s crucial to stick to them because using the wrong methods can lead to browning, stretching, yellowing, shrinking, bleaching and/or texture distortion.

 Stain removal is not that easy

Using an unsuitable cleaning solution can lead to stains and spots settling deeply into the fabric, which will make them harder to remove or they can even become permanent in some cases. Professionals know how to prevent those things form happening and can even remove some stains that resisted even your best efforts.

 Upholstered furniture is expensive

When you have spent your money on a piece of furniture, you most likely want to protect it and have it for a long time. A well-made chair or a couch can last you more than a decade if you care for it right. An experienced cleaner can help you make the most out of that investment you made, and extend its lifespan.

 Manufactures recommendation professional cleaning

A lot of furniture warranties have an escape clause that is protecting the manufactures in case the furniture piece is not properly maintained. For that reason, you had better hire experts to clean it.

Time is money

Getting an upholstered furniture piece cleaned will take a lot of your time and also effort. Purchasing the right cleaning equipment, as well as solutions, won’t only be expensive but will also take a lot of your time.

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